Dressing Candles with Oil, Sachets or Herbs Using the UP Technique

When dress your candle with anointing and blessing oils, sachets and herbs, you magnify and consecrate your candle to your purpose intended. It cannot hurt if you can use all three ingredients, and is the desired method; however if you have only the oil, do not be discouraged.

After you have cleansed and carved out symbols or names (if need be) onto your candle, it is time to apply anointing and blessing oils, sachets and herbs to your candle. The use of these items will clarify and give strength to your intention and work. The quantity of items may be one or a combination of more than one item.

If you are planning to use more than one oil, sachet or herb, it is suggested that you wash your hands in between steps with Florida Water, a traditional citrusy-floral cologne used in spiritual work. You may also use rubbing alcohol, but make sure that your hands are completely dry before lighting a match or a lighter.

You may now place the second layer of oil on top of your first oil application. The only exception to that is if you are using various oils from a related family (i.e. oils from the money drawing family such as pay me, money stay with me, prosperity, money come to me, etc.) In this case, washing your hand in between is not necessary. It is important that you do not use any negative drawing (such as DUME or Revenge oils) with positive oils (such as money drawing or love drawing) as you may be creating a condition that may be hard to take care of once activated by the candle being burned.

How to Apply the Oil

Now that you have assembled your items and have written out your petition paper or desire, it is important to decide which hand movements to use when applying the oil to the candle before commencing the work. Below are three different traditional techniques with each method and purpose described in detail.

NOTE: It is important to the success of your candle burning work to apply the oil correctly or else you will have mixed results ore a candle that will not perform for you in either a positive or negative manner.

The UP Technique of Release, Reverse and Banish Energies

The anointing of a candle to release you or others from a condition or situation requires you to anoint the candle from the base to the top with the appropriate oil to banish, send away, release and reverse that particular energy back into the Universe and/or to the point of origin or the sender.

Holding the candle in your oiled hands, you will slide your hand in one direction from base of candle to the tip of the wick. You will NOT slide your hand back down the candle to the base, but release candle at tip and then re-grasp candle at the base and repeat the motion, stating your intentions each time you slide your hand from base to tip. SEE PHOTOS

Once you are done, place this candle in a holder or on a plate or saucer with your petition paper under it or your photograph near it and begin to pray for blessings on your candle. Light candle and meditate on the outcome that you desire.

It is preferable to keep this petition candle burning until its’ end; however if you cannot keep it burning for various reasons, do not blow the candle out. Wet you fingertips with spit and “pinch” out the flame to extinguish it. To blow out the candle means that you are finished with its’ work and you do not want to use the candle again.

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