Chase Away/Go Away/Move Away Candle Spell for Neighbors/People

A Reader asks:

Hi, my name is Tina. I have a terrible neighbor that is making my life hell.Can you please email a spell to get rid of my neighbor and achieve a better life with new neighbors that have kind thoughts?

Thanks,  Tina

Tina, first reflect upon the situation. What is it that they do that invades your life? Noise? Fights? Music? Kids? Ugly looks in the hallway? Then look at yourself. Have you been a good neighbor yourself? have you introduced yourself to them? Have you gone over and asked them to turn down the music, stop stealing your newspaper or quit drinking and beating up your wife personally? Sometimes, just the fact that you KNOW it is going on, scares them into “being good”.  Have you turned up your stereo when theirs was loud? Have you clomped around in army boots on their ceiling? Like attracts like, and this is not way to act if you want good neighbors.

Second step, have you contacted the landlord? Keeping a journal of dates and times of occurrences can not only help your landlord but also keeping a record/making copies of complaint letters to the landlord can also help YOU if you so choose to move without penalty of deposit withholding.

OK, so getting all the non-magical items out of the way, you now need to get some blessed salt from the local Catholic Church, or if you cannot get it, make your own. It is east to do. First, get some holy water from the Church and go to the store and buy a white glass 7 – day “novena” candle and box of Kosher Salt. Why Kosher Salt? Because it has been prayed over by the Rabbi, therefore it is spiritually “clean” and “holy”. Then, get a large clear glass bowl, pour the salt box into it, clean the candle with lemon juice (see past blog posts here at free-candle-spells) and set the candle in the center of the bowl, on the salt. Sprinkle the holy water – NOT TOO MUCH – over the salt, light the candle, pray that God, the Guardian Angles and  Saints bless this salt for its’ intended protective use.  Set it aside until the candle burns out – about 5 to 7 days.

When done, dissolve some of this salt in water and wash down your door, door handle, door knob and all the outside of your place, including your walkway, steps, porch and all other areas leading up to your door.

Then, get a reversible candle (see past blog posts here at free-candle-spells) and burn in your home on a piece of paper that you have written your neighbors’ names, prayiing that all their evil intent return to them. make sure you clean the candle with lemon juice.

If all else fails, sprinkle asafoetida, an East Indian herb, around their doorstep, car, shoes (if they keep them outside) and curse them all the way, telling them to “LEAVE” and “MOVE OUT”. The herb is quite….well, smelly and you can’t get it out.

PERSONAL NOTE: Years ago, my eldest daughter made a complaint to me about her neighbors. She claimed it was ‘all their fault’, and that they were hostile and cruel. I told her to sprinkle some asafoetida in their air conditioning vent (window mount model), and when it gets hot (it was summer), they will turn on the air, spraying the whole house with the herb. I warned her that she must be absolutely innocent of any wrongdoing or this will backfire on her.

Well….it did, because my daughter was being a bad neighbor back and the neighbors beat her to the punch and had ALREADY complained to the landlord even BEFORE she sprinkled the asafoetida. She received a 30 day quit and move notice, and had to do so.  I told her so, and later she DID admit she was a bit naughty to them as well. What goes around, comes around!


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