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Daisy asks:

I have a question…is this spell voodoo? if not then what is it? Someone did it for me a few years back and it worked. Now I am wondering if this was good or bad and in the Christian faith? Should I get rid of the
jar? and if I wanted to now put this in God’s hands then what is the proper way to get rid of the jar?


My first question to you is, were you indoctrinated or have you gone through a initiation or ceremony in Voodoo? Did you invoke the name of any God or Goddess while putting the cap on the jar or lighting the candle?

More importantly, where does this other source get their information about Voodoo? Are THEY a practitioner? A Cultural Anthropologist? A theology student who ministered in Haiti?  Perhaps a little information on where they got their information might be a good beginning.

A quickie for readers:

Voodoo, like their cousin religions, Santeria, Lukumi, Candomble, Macumba, Palo, Zarabanda and any other similarly related indigenous religions that came originally from the continent of Africa during the Middle Passage or Diaspora, are nature based, multi-Diety and are a vital source of empowerment during that tragic part of history. There are practitioners to this day.

The problem here, as with many other magical practices, is that an uninformed person came into contact with you and because they had no other words to describe this thing that is “foreign” to them, labels it “voodoo”.

You say that you are wondering if this is “good” or “bad” in the Christian faith?  My question to you is, how was your heart at the moment you were assembling this honey jar? Was your heart filled with good or bad intent? If you did this for something good, how can it be “bad”? In fact, when you burn a reversible candle to return something back to where it originated, is this “bad”?

I would say that most people here reading this blog and almost all hoodoo, root workers, conjurers and the like have a faith in the Christian values. Having faith and belief in the Christian values is different than going to Church, and we won’t let this blog get into too much more religion from this point.

Now given that, if you are to get rid of the honey jar because you do not want this person’s affection or you do not want a certain person to look favorable on you, this is what you do.

Take the jar to the river or any other moderately swift moving water source. Open jar and pour all into the river. If possible, capture some of the water and rinse out the jar, making sure that all the honey is out. Dispose of the jar in the recycling bin. It is done.

Tough question. Good Luck to you, whichever way you decide to go. One word of caution, do not let other peoples fears blind you. Listen to your heart.

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