Readers Questions | What Does “Popping” Noises Mean in Candleburning?

A reader asks about the noises candle make while burning.

What does it mean when a candle is melting very quick and there is a lot of popping noises? I had a candle (that would normally melt in 3 hours) melted in 40 minutes. Also at the end, there were popping noises and a “big bang” occurred. The flame just exploded and some parts just flew off around the altar. This happened on the honey jar lid.



Michael, your timing was exquisite since I had another ask the very same thing!  🙂

In your situation that you described, you have not one but two things happening – a ‘quick burn’ and ‘candles talking’ . You candle that should have taken 3 hours burns in 40 minutes, that means that the intensity of the emotions in regards to the honey jars are intense – you are VERY focused on your end result – the love of the person (or thing) in the honey jar (honey jars can be used for love but also for a job or money). I would consider this that your end result will come fast.

The ‘explosion’ and ‘popping’ noises at the end of the candle burn, given that we are ruling out the physical reason of sizzling oil by products (think of the sizzling of sausages or bacon, as result of excess oil in the pan), and if there was not a lot of oil on the top of the lid, I would consider it a sign of the Spirit of the Intention of the Candle ‘arguing’ with the recipient – as if the one in the honey jar was resisting. The ‘explosion’ would be that your candle ‘broke through’ the barrier to this endeavor or person. I would think that you might have ‘gotten through’ to this person.

All in all, I would consider it a very positive sign. Keep us posted on how long this end result comes about!


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