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Here is a great reason for a “Road Opener” Candle Spell!

Hello Jacqueline,

I stumbled upon your site and found it to be very informative. Thank you for this site.

I am having a slight problem and I was wondering if you could suggest a spell for me to try.

I am trying to sell a property and it is very important for me to sell this property. The house has been under contract for over 60 days and after 60 days, the (name of institution removed) underwriter who kept finding problems with the loan decided she needed to redo all the paperwork because it was too old. So, the broker from (name of institution removed) sent the loan file to another bank.

In the mean time, the buyers are anxious and I am worried that more problems will arise with the new bank.

During the (name of institution removed) process, I lit purple candles with the psalm 115 to try and control the situation. Is there something stronger that I can do to cause this loan to close quickly??

As the sale of the property keeps being extended, I am being forced to put off the purchase of another property. I have to ask the sellers for another extension. Is there anything I can do to ensure the sellers give me the time I need to purchase their property??

Thank you so much


I am going to assume that you have considered or even performed the Saint Joseph ‘Sell a House’ statue and prayer ritual that has had mixed results and is published all over the Internet.  I have not used it, so I cannot vouch for its’ efficacy in selling a home.

One of the ways you can get things moving is by using a “Road Opener” candle spell, especially when there are obstacles and blockages in your dealings with projects. Another to consider is using Saint Expedite, patron Saint of old residents of New Orleans, to ‘hurry things up’. I will discuss both of them so you can decide which one would be more to your liking.

For the “Road Opener” candle spell, you would need a yellow or orange glass vigil or novena-type 7 -day candle (I have seen both colors used) for each participant PLUS a red candle in glass. In your case, I would suggest one candle for you, the property and each one of the major lenders or institutions.

Take a copy of the original documents (in case of spillage) and place in large Pyrex pie pan or baking dish for fire protection. Clean all candles with lemon juice or to call in the good spirits, Florida Water. You can buy Florida Water from the local botanica and sometimes you can find it at Walmart over by the Jean Nate and Calgon bath products (go figure!). Let all candles dry. Take a white sheet of paper and briefly write your intention regarding your proposition. Lay this upon the copies and place all in bottom of Pyrex pan. Label with sticker or small piece of paper each candle for the participants (you, banks, properties, etc.) and place them equal distance around inside the dish, with the candle labeled for you at the 12 o’clock position. Anoint all with “Road Opener” (available at Condition Oil and anoint the red candle with “Fast Luck” Condition Oil


Anointing a Yellow Candle with "Road Opener" Condition Oil

Your second option is to dedicate the process to Saint Expedite (San Expedito), a much loved New Orleans saint that has been reputed to be effective on bringing things to completion or fruition with a quickness. For more about him, read about the Saint Expedite Fast Luck Candle Spell located in the far right hand column under “Categories”. You may follow the same candle spell, but remember to promise him red wine and pound cake (I keep a Sara Lee cake in the freezer, just in case). Read about what happened when I shortchanged St. Expedite by reading the blog posts under the Saint Expedite “Categories” column.

To boost your ‘bargaining power’, I always suggest for matters of money to make a small donation to a church or other organization that is near and dear to you. For myself personally, when I am to undertake something that deals with big money, I always make a small donation to Reverend Ike, an interesting pastor of a a church that mails you inspirational material and also, for me and others I know, does something that makes my financial windfalls come in like clockwork.

Good Luck in your endeavors and if these candle spells worked for you, let us know!

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