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Dear Jacqueline,

I have a question. I had you burn a candle for me about my friend that I had a fight with and he left and I haven’t heard from him yet. After you burned the candle, you wrote me and said that I should continue doing candles at my own home and even told me the right type of oil to get to use on them. I have been burning candles for about a month and he hasn’t called me or anything. Am I doing something wrong? When am I supposed to start seeing some results?

Thank you



Hi Sheree, I am glad you asked because there has been a lot of similar situations lately and I think this is a timely question so I hope that I can help a bunch of readers together with the same thing.

Some like to have a worker burn candles can be for various reasons. They might have a fear of a fire, lack of confidence in their own candle burning success, might have the actual candle burning victim in the home or area where the candle is burning or have faith in the worker doing the candle burning. I try to place the empowerment of candle burning in YOUR hands – why? – because it is YOU that is PERSONALLY CONNECTED TO THE TARGET – it is your heart that is hurt or bank account that needs money. Despite all this, I will also burn candles for clients and their situations.

Like yourself, despite all the material here in the site, you might not exactly know which candle to use and with which oil. In that case, asking a worker to burn the candle for you is good. In your case, the candle burned down with a little sooting at the top to turn the glass a wee bit gray, but not black and some milky white residue clung to the inner glass at the end of the candle burn. The flame did not react in any way that would cause concern, as the candle is lit and stays on until it goes out.

So what happened? In your case again, the lack of blackening would indicate a non-negative situation, meaning that there is no negative energy being sent towards you. The milky film would indicate some lingering or residual things needed to be taken care of between the two of you. The candle burning out without candle ‘drama’ (i.e. wildly whipping flame, low flame, going out, smoking, etc.) would indicate a good candle burn.

You question now remains – why no results in him? Let me ask you; Have you made an attempt to call HIM? Love is a two-way street; it isn’t only for the man to do the contacting. Have you called him up just to ask if he is still living and breathing? Results to look out for would be like hearing the scuttlebutt on the street like (“Girl, did you hear that Gregory was at Tyrone’s party and was flirting big time with that cousin of R.J.?”).  Has he changed his cell phone number? Have you seen him drive by the house? Work?

The old adage, or quotation is: “Three DAYS, three WEEKS, three MONTHS” – meaning you might see results in as little as three DAYS but as far out as three MONTHS. You are about in the middle. Think back, have you had any “Restricted” hang up calls? Any notes or other ‘funny’ things happening?

Maybe it is time to also consider that God has better plans for you than with your fella. Maybe the man of your dreams is right around the corner, or in the next cubicle or pew from you. Maybe God knows that the one you are burning candles for is going to beat you up, steal and cheat, and God wants to save you from that.

So, can you live without this man in your life if he doesn’t come back? In your case, it is time to consider that this might be the outcome. Can you move on from this relationship and can you put in your mind an “End Date” that you will not longer pine for this man – thus allowing the potential of a new person to come into your life?

Hard choices. Don’t give up hope but also be realistic. If you don’t see results in about 6 more weeks, despite you burning candles and make some attempt to contact him for a sit down, then trust that there are bigger plans for you in the future.

Good Luck. Keep us posted.


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