Readers Question | Using Psalms for Honey Jar Candle Spell?


If you are doing or making a honey jar, do u have any psalms or spells to recite?



Being in education, I waited sometime before posting this question, because of the misspelled “you” (spelled as “u”) that our text crazy generation tries to pass off as quality written communication. I hope that I am not being too harsh dear, but to be successful in life, you must use proper English.

Now that has been said, there are a few Psalms to use when doing love spells such as the Honey Jar Spell. Is it required? No, but it couldn’t hurt. After all, you are reading from the Good Book, and when was the last time you sat down and read some of God’s words?

This reader brings up a good question, though. Because of the complexities of relationships, there are many reasons to create a Honey Jar Spell or even burn candles, for that matter. I would suggest to use the book, “Secrets of the Psalms” by Godfrey A. Selig.

Here are some Psalms to use for various relationship problems:

Psalm for a Woman who is Pregnant or has a Dangerous Period of Confinement:  Psalm 1

Psalm to Overcome an Enemy Plotting Against You (like an old love rival):  Psalm 7

Psalm to Turn Sorrow into Joy:  Psalm 16

Psalm to Escape Vexation:  Psalm 31

Psalm for Making Up Between Man and Wife:  Psalms 45 and 46



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