Reversible Candles for Full Moon Candle Spells

The Full Moon occurs on Wednesday, April 28, 2010 and It is time to light Reversible Candles to ‘send back’ or reverse situations or negativity that has come your way.

It is highly recommended that you get the “black on red” candles (pictured here) as they are considered more effective and the ‘correct’ candle to use. Many times you see in candle shops and botanicas the red wax on the top part of the candle and the black wax on bottom. This is not a good candle to use. Always use a “black on red” reversible candle.

The “black on red” candle is the desired Reversible candle to use because the black wax represents the negativity and evil that has been lurking in your shadows and following you and the red symbolizes the “fast luck” energy of getting rid of that negativity and sending it back with a boot kick. You wouldn’t want to burn off all your energy and THEN deal with the negative stuff, right?

The candle pictured here is a Reversible Candle burning spell I did for a client experiencing problems at work. After the candle was finished, I took the petition paper and rolled torn up bits of paper in black candle wax, making little “B.B.’s” that can be scattered around the offending co-worker’s desk and outside near the person’s car, where they will step on them and grind the wax (and petition paper) into their grooves of their shoe, thus carrying the spell around with them.

Remember to anoint your Reversible candle with Reversible Anointing Oil such as the one sold by Lucky 13 Clover Spiritual Supply.

Have a Reversible Candle burned for you between April 28th and May 12th by clicking the button below:

A follow up e-mail will be sent to you after your order to confirm your petition paper information regarding your Reversible candle and a photo of the lit candle will be sent to you.


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