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I’ve been doing some reading on spell work and came across jar spells. I was wondering if you had any feedback on this type of work. I had read about vinegar jar spells and ammonia jar spells.
I thought an ammonia spell would be a good choice for me. I’m looking to change or reverse situations at work. Such as the negative environment, people in my way that compete against me and truthfully get back to where is was two years ago. I want my old job back.
What are your thoughts on an ammonia jar spell for this intent?
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In my experience, ammonia jars and vinegar jars do about the same thing – with the exception that ammonia was a substitute for one’s urine. In days past, a front porch,stoop, or steps were scrubbed with a bucket of water that contained a portion of the first of the morning’s urine. Think of it a primitive way a cat or do “marks it’s territory” or so to speak – by distributing it’s urine about an area. Same with early floor scrubs and washes. So, to use urine (or ammonia) would be your own relationship with someone. Also, it would take back control over a situation that you and another were embroiled in.
Take work, for instance. Let’s say you and another work as a team on a project/office/job. Each of you are equals – but the other person “runs” you like you are their lackey/underling. You get no credit for putting in your input/ideas/ work and they tend to try to boss you around.
So taking two slips of paper – one with your name and one with the other – and writing it out fully (as much as you know – the more information you know, the more “on target” you are). Slice open a lemon 3/4 the way through the middle (like the lemon’s “waistline”) and placing the names flippy-floppy from each other ( your name upside-down on their name), and inserting into the center of the cut.
Then, add any “hot” root or spice – (ginger/red pepper flakes/black pepper) and (if a woman) some rosemary (because rosemary is a woman’s domination herb) into the jar and fill with vinegar (or urine, if this is personal). Close lid well and then burn white candles (not black) for clarity or red (if you want to add fiery power) in the form of tealight candles (see Dollar Tree/Pier 1) until situation resolves itself. After success, send this person away from you by going to the river or any fast moving water, and toss closed jar in and say, “Buh-BYE!”
Vinegar jars, used with certain roots and/or lemons, are considered a way to ‘sour the relationship’ with a couple of people, whether friends or lovers, and sets them at odds with each other. Things to haste it along would be red pepper flakes and/or black pepper, salt (only after you have said incantations over it or “Tell it what it is supposed to do” for you. Another possibility is that you use kerosene (without the vinegar) to “explode the relationship’ apart.
Oh kerosene (gasoline) or even barbeque starter for that matter, is a GREAT way to lob a grenade into the office/home/situation. MY ONLY CAUTION – MY ONLY CAUTION – MY ONLY CAUTION – DO NOT use candles on top of this jar. Instead, this jar is for meditation and shaking. Shaking you say, what?
To sit with a jar and meditate is to focus on the issue and by shaking it, you are “stirring things up”, so to speak. Do this when you are quiet and not interrupted – I always like the nighttime when people are asleep and you can ‘git into their minds’.
Sit back with some popcorn and watch what happens!
Hope this helps,
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